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Hello, I'm Jan. 

Today, I will share my experience from joining KX Knowledge Sharing, titled "FROM BEAN TO BREWS: A COMPREHENSIVE COFFEE WORKSHOP," shared by P'Bic, our KX Technical Lead. For me, I'm not a coffee lover, and I haven't experienced seeing an end-to-end process of how coffee is made. So, I'm very excited to be a part of this session. 

P'Bic explained there are 3 steps to a journey to the world of coffee. 

  • Roasting  
  • Coffee Cupping  
  • Coffee Brewing  

Step 1: Roasting 

 This is a wide range of coffee roasted from No 1 to No 14 depending on what favour you like  

 For example: 

  • 7 - 8 Light 
  • 9 Medium (City Roast 1st Crack Done) 
  • 12 Full City+ (2nd Crack) 
  • 13 Vienna-light French roast 
  • 14 Full French 

P' Bic also prepared an amazing machine for roasting coffee at home, which we can't imagine. It is a 'Popcorn popper'. And these are the easy steps to roasting with a popcorn popper. 

Roasting with POPCORN POPPER 

1. Prepare 30 grams of green beans 
2. Wear heat resistance glove and hold stir stick 
3. Preheat for 30 seconds 
4. Put bean into Popcorn popper 
5. Turn on popcorn popper and stir bean 
6. Listen for cracks and look at color 
  • First crack (start at No. 8 as the picture abrove) 
  • Second crack (start at No.12 as the picture abrove) 

7. Pour the beans out to cooling chamber 

8. Wait for overnight before brewing 

Step 2 Coffee Cupping - Taste coffee and Compare coffee 

 We have experienced four bean origins: 

  • Ethiopia Purple 
  • Kenya 
  • El savadore 
  • Tops Super Market
"For me, I only feel a small difference between them." ...5555 sorry P'Bic 


Step 3 Coffee Brewing 

There are various coffee grind sizes.  

Coarse > Medium >> Fine  

There are also multiple ways to brew coffee, and each method may affect your time spent tasting, so choose the one you prefer: Cold drip, Hot drip, and Cold brew.  

 Cold BREW 

  • Grinding bean 60 g 
  • Pour coffee bean into filter pocket 
  • Pour water in and put it the refrigerator for 24 hours 
  • Take filter pocket 

 Cold Drip 

  • Grinding bean 60 g 
  • Pour coffee bean into filter pocket 
  • Pour cold water into the water chamber 
  • Rise the coffee pocket to be moist 
  • Adjust the chamber valve to have continuous water dripping 
  • Put in the fridge and wait for 2 - 3 hours 

Hot Drip 

  • Heat Water to 86 Celsius 
  • Grinding bean 20g 
  • Put paper drip filter at Dripper 
  • Pour 60 g hot water and wait 45 seconds 
  • Pour it 5 times 

This workshop was truly eye-opening experience because I could see the whole process, and taste a lot of coffee origins (even though I'm not sure how different they are... T_T)  

 I'm looking forward to the next KX knowledge-sharing. 

If you guys want to join the KX Team  

See open positions at [link]